Trauma Blog brings to you an insight into some of life’s traumatic situations and experiences...

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”

Victor Hugo

Disrespectful Daughters

Disrespectful Daughters

Daughters who perpetrate domestic violence toward their mother and father is common. It is one that is all too often at the forefront of therapy. How do daughters control? The relationship with each individual child in any one family will inevitably contain many...

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Reflective Case Experiences featured in the content of this blog site are typical of many of the experiences of those who have been affected by traumatic incidents, and who have frequented our therapy rooms over the last two decades.

Our writers and bloggers do not accept responsibility for any of the materials, content or traumatic information and/or fictional case histories that some individuals may find distressing in this trauma informed blog.

Therefore the author disclaims and accepts no responsibility for any harm, injuries, or unforeseen outcome as a result of any information contained within it. This blog and its’ continued content, represents the true nature of many of life’s difficulties in their entirety. Any persons studying to work in the psychological arena or simply wishing to obtain an understanding of such sensitive issues, may see and hear much worse in real life than are featured within these pages.

Our mission is to bring an understanding of different traumatic situations and the long term effects that are regularly experienced by many.

Rape Related – Post Traumatic (Growth)

Rape Related – Post Traumatic (Growth)

RR-PTSD (Rape Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a term used in the trauma world to express the reactions and symptoms of the aftershock of sexual assault, whether that is a one incident, domestic abuse setting and/or violation in childhood. It is not an...

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Adults Affected by Losing a Parent

Adults Affected by Losing a Parent

Adults Affected by Losing a Parent. When we lose a parent, it can be difficult to come to terms with a world in which they no longer exist.  Our lives immediately change, day to day living takes some getting used to without the parent that we may have known...

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This blog site is made available by Sue J. Daniels for educational and information purposes only and provides a general understanding of traumatic experiences.

A Blog about Life…… brings to you, an insight into some of life’s traumatic situations and experiences. We illustrate trauma from the survivors perception and how healing is possible along a recovery journey through to post traumatic growth and new beginnings.
With each additional blog post, evoked by topical issues, we hope to offer a new understanding and awareness to all who are interested.

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