Males Affected by Domestic Violence & Abuse. As we learn new and effective physiological treatments for those who have been targeted by violent individuals within relationships, outcomes are now far more suited to the post traumatic growth of those affected, as a whole. An understanding into the basic functioning of the adrenal glands is crucial when working in the aftermath with victims of domestic violence, giving useful insight into how the body can quickly become overloaded with stress and how the response can manifest into a myriad of illness.

 An integral part of our parasympathetic nervous system is the ‘psoas muscle’ which is a critical indicator of our instinctive fear response.  “The psoas muscle is so intimately involved in such basic physical and emotional reactions, that a chronically tightened psoas continually signals that the body is in danger, eventually exhausting the adrenal glands and depleting the immune system” From an emotional platform, it acts as an essential messenger to and from the brain, continually on alert to notify us when we are in danger and to prepare us to either run, fight, or stop and keep still, its maintenance and rebalancing is key to recovery.

Our resources are aimed at practitioners working with survivors in the aftermath of destructive relationships. And our pocket sized self-help books are written and developed for male victims of domestic violence and abuse, hooking into client experience and consequences thereafter. 

More significantly perhaps, for those working on the frontline with the recovery and restoration of such broken souls, is to have a greater and more profound understanding that not one area of therapy is the be all and end all for survivors. For clients who have endured such horror, to be well and happy takes a lot more, a network of support, a combination of expert somatic, cognitive, kinaesthetic healing treatments and genuine empathic understanding which is key to recovery and new beginnings.

Sue J Daniels
MBACP & UKRC (Snr Accred).
EMDR Practitioner
Professional Counsellor &
Trauma Specialist

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