The Comprehensive Resource Model:

Effective therapeutic techniques for the healing of complex trauma

(Explorations in Mental Health) 

Hardcover – 20 Oct 2016

Lisa Schwarz (Author) 
Frank Corrigan (Author)
Alastair Hull (Author)
Rajiv Raju (Author)

Traditional methods employed in psychotherapy have limited effectiveness when it comes to healing the psychological effects of trauma, in particular, complex trauma.

While a client may seem to make significant breakthroughs in understanding their feelings and experiences on a rational level by talking with a therapist, this will make no difference to their post-traumatic symptoms if the midbrain is unable to modulate its activity in response.

Working with trauma is not for the faint hearted, as a practitioner in any field of therapy and especially when working with the psychological effects, in particular, complex trauma. Good supervision is essential, as much of the information that is related within the therapy room can sometimes leave a residue, which is hard to shift without the nurture and support of an experienced supervisor.

General counselling and any talking therapy has its place within every day issues and normal functioning. However, there is no talking therapy in the world that will assist in the processing of post traumatic information.

To do this, it takes a lot more in terms of facilitating the unprocessed information that needs to be moved from one part of the brain to the other. There are researched and highly effective techniques that are easily accessible such as this CRM (Comprehensive Resource Model) Sensoriomotor Therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) to name but a few.

The Comprehensive Resource Model

This excellent publication, although quite expensive, is an essential purchase for practitioners when working with trauma therapy. It is suitable and written for therapists, students and those working in the field of trauma in any capacity. I have my own copy from which I have gained extensive information and have used the CRM which is a unique neurobiology in itself. Working with a combination of grounding, processing, spirituality and self-love towards post traumatic growth.


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Sue J Daniels
MBACP & UKRC (Snr Accred)
EMDR Accredited Practitioner
Professional Counsellor &
Trauma Specialist