4 Books Collection Set


Will I Ever Be Good Enough

by Karyl McBride

You’re Not Crazy Its Your Mother

by Danu Morrigan

Mothers Who Can’t Love

by Susan Forward

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

by Sean Covey

Childhood Trauma Borderline Mother. The adverse childhood trauma linked to borderline and narcissistic personalities in mothers, creates therapy rooms that are often frequented by adult sons and daughters who have never been able to fulfil their own dreams and/or live happy lives. This is often because they were never given the encouragement or support from their main caregiver/s in childhood. We run therapy groups for those affected by fractures in their maternal line, many are still reeling from the loss of ‘real mothers love’. As anger and rage taints every part of their lives and relationships, they can become relentless in their search for peace and self-love.

Jane attended therapy for over six months. In that time she had listed her issues from childhood and core beliefs about herself. She had never experienced love until she met her husband, even then she couldn’t articulate her feelings because the devotion shown to her required a completely new understanding. When she gave birth to her own daughter, she had no idea how to parent her or where to start. Fortunately for her, she had her mother in law who taught her how to love and nurture her baby.

Jane stated that she felt she had a rage inside her that would eventually detonate and annihilate everyone around her, leaving irreparable devastation in its wake. She was so afraid of losing the close relationships that she had struggled to create and to maintain.

Working through her rage and anger, searching for its very purpose in her life, allowed her to understand why she reacted with it. She believed that she had repressed her inner rage and other feelings for so many years and it had become like a pressure cooker, simmering and ready to explode at the first opportunity.

The therapist worked with her to release her rage in a safe and healthy way until she no longer felt the red heat of it in the back of her eyes.

This bundle of four books about healing from a borderline/narcissistic mother is a great reading recommendation for clients to work through their own maternal fractures and to find some solace.

Childhood Trauma Borderline Mother Books…

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Sue J Daniels
MBACP & UKRC (Snr Accred)
EMDR Accredited Practitioner
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